Just a Little Lovin

A larp about friendship, desire and the fear of death

Finland 2018

Just a Little Lovin’ is a Nordic larp about the first years of the AIDS epidemic as it hits the gay scene in New York in the early 80’s. This was the first run of the larp in Finland and was played June 5th – 10th, 2018 at Länsi-Suomen Opisto, in Huittinen.


The team in alphabetical order

Tonja Goldblatt, Joonas Iivonen, Suvi Korhonen, Essi Kuukka, Jamie MacDonald, Pauliina Männistö and Essi Santala


Petter Karlsson, Anna Groth and Helene Willer Piironen

Original Designers/Writers

Tor Kjetil Edland and Hanne Grasmo



We fund part of our subsidized tickets with Indiegogo campaign and we credit our donors in our website for their important help.

Tuomas Venhola, Kjell Hedgard Hugaas, Tuomas Puikkonen, Boy Howdy, Dagmas Wiesnerova, Jonas, Mira Strengell, Elin Dalstål, Nina Teerilahti, Maria Pettersson, Pi Fröjd and 6 anonymous backers

Thank you!


We collaborated with Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura ry – The Society for Nordic Roleplaying


Photos on this page in order from the top: Marianne Gunderson, Kalle Lantz and Joonas Iivonen.

There are also photos by other photographers from the larp.