Costume inspiration

During this larp, we will be playing three 4th of July parties in 1982, 1983 and 1984. We wish that you prepare costumes that are according to the character you play and the time period we play in. But you decide yourself how much of a “makeover” you want to give yourself from one year to the next. Think accessories, hair products, and different tops. You don’t need to change everything from one year to another.

You can find 80s style clothing from flea markets and at the moment in regular clothing stores, since 80s has been back in fashion. A lot of larpers already have a decent 80s wardrobe that you could borrow for the larp – so ask around in your larp community.

The Wikipedia article on fashion in the 80s gives a good overview of different styles that became popular at this time, including some of the more “alternative” styles.

“Castro Clone” look developed in the 70s in the gay scene in San Francisco and remained popular among many gay men throughout the 80s.