Dramatic game mechanics

This larp incorporates the use of some dramatic game mechanics (or “meta-techniques”) that can be employed by the participants. Dramatic game mechanics seek to enable play that isn’t possible with a purely “realistic“ playing style. The aim is thus to strengthen the drama of the larp, by pulling what is inside the character’s head into real game situations. You will get further information about them before the larp and we will explain and practice the game mechanics in the workshop before game start.

Theme song

The title Just a Little Lovin’ has been borrowed from Dusty Springfield’s classic soul song. Dusty’s songs are favorites for a lot of the characters, this is also the theme song for the larp.

“HIV is certainly character-building. It’s made me see all the shallow things we cling to, like ego and vanity. Of course, I’d rather have a few more T-cells and a little less character.” — Randy Shilts, the writer of And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic


We have some main visions for runs of Just a Little Lovin’:

  • All participants will experience the three main themes of the larp: desire, friendship & fear of death.
  • The organisers shall make the participants feel safe enough to step outside their comfort zone, both as larpers and as human beings.
  • The larp will be of high and professional quality both practically and artistically.