Frequently asked questions

Will there be photographs/video and how will they be used or shared?

We will take photographs. We will publish only a small selection of pictures and will ask a permission from people present in these. Players will get time to approve pictures before publishing. Nobody had a mobile phone or even digital camera in the 1980s, but we will remind players that no images from the game should be published online until the vetting process is completed.


What kind of players there will be?

We want to have diversity in our players by nationality, larp experience, age, gender and sexual orientation. Due to the themes and content, the game is only for players over 18 years old. We would love to have players also from outside the larp scene. Also, you definitely don’t need to be gay to attend this larp or belong to any of the subcultures this larp includes.

Who will be playing?

We hope to have players both from the larp scene all around the world, and also those new to larp.

Will you have a quota for returning players, new players, etc?
We are not planning to have a specific quota for repeat players, but would love to have some returning to help us setting the tone etc. There’s a quota for larpers who haven’t played the game before and larp newbies, as we’d like to get some newcomers from LGBTQIA circles to attend the game.

When do I have to pay my ticket?

Tickets can be paid at once or in 2 or 3 instalments. Due date for the full ticket price or the first instalment is January 15th This secures the player spot. Second instalment is due February 28th and third April 31st. If total is not in our account by April 31st your character will be handed to a person on the waiting list.

Do you offer any help for players playing characters with special requirements? (drag, lip-sync, striptease)

We will organise a Facebook group for performing characters, where you can plan out performances together and talk with organisers – but remember there will be room in-game for unplanned, spontaneous performances from characters who need to express themselves, too! At the game site, we can sort out time to check out the stage and lights.

What safety mechanics do you have?

Players should feel physically and psychologically safe in order to play on these themes. The safety mechanics include negotiation before playing out a scene, escalation signing, and cut / brake for pausing or stopping a scene. This larp has plenty of negotiation in it by design, so you should feel comfortable playing what you want your characters to experience. Escalation signals mean that you will have subtle ways to communicate to your fellow players that the scene you’re in could be more intense, or less. All safety mechanics will be workshopped.

What are the “act breaks”?

Each day, some time after breakfast, everyone goes off-game for an act break of a few hours. During the act break there is a short, structured debriefing, so that you can process your experience so far and calibrate your play with others. You decide what has happened to you during the rest of that year, and make sure your fellow players know. Then it’s free time to change costume and get ready for the next Fourth of July to start, when we all go in-game again until the next act break.

How will sex be handled in this larp?

The larp will have no actual sex. Sex will be simulated with a phallus prop and a method very similar to Ars Amandi, but specifically developed by the designers for this larp, and with its own meta rules. Players engaging in a scene will negotiate off-game before playing the scene. There will be workshops in how to negotiate and play out sex scenes, so you should feel prepared and comfortable by the start of the game! Some characters have a lot of sex; some have none – so it’s not a requirement of the larp. However, sex and desire are one of the key themes of Just a Little Lovin’.

How will violence handled in this larp?

There will be no “real” violence in the larp. Violence and physical contact play (from fighting to BDSM) can be handled theatrically, or as negotiated by players. Violence will be addressed in the workshop.

How will gender be handled in the larp?

There are a few gender-nonconforming characters in the larp, but they do not present themselves, talk about themselves, or identify as gender-nonconforming in the same way as people do today. When developing the character and preparing for the game, we can use the Facebook group or other means of communication to develop these characters together, and answer questions about the kind of lives trans people and other gender-nonconforming people had in this time. The organising team has experience in cross-play and can offer resources for costuming, etc.

Off-game, we aim to make the larp run smoothly and comfortably for all players; your gender identity will be respected and we won’t tolerate any transphobia.

Do you allow crossplay for all roles? Can I play any role I want or are some genders mandatory or preferred?
We encourage all players to define the issues, themes and possible contents they are interested in playing on the sign up form. If you have a very specific character you would be interested in playing please write about why you would want to play this particular character and what you could add to the game through it. We will take all genders and combinations into consideration. We acknowledge that the game has less female characters than male characters.