Signup and price

Signup form has closed on Monday 16th 10 AM EEST (UTC +3). We got over a 125 sign ups! Amazing!

So what happens now? Our casting team works hard and does the player selection. It’ll be done by November 15th, 2017.

We expect everyone agree to play by the larp’s anti-discrimination and harassment principles. Our principles are stated in Safety page.

According to Finnish law, the collection of personal data for any purposes must be done with the consent and understanding of persons providing the data, so we are required to provide the following information about data collection. Our register description is here.


Signup form will be open from September 1st, 2017 until October 15th, 2017.

Our player selection does not happen on first-come first-serve basis. Everyone who has submitted the signup form before it closes has an equal chance to get a player spot. We will do the player selection by us and we will cast the characters for the players. We want to have diversity in our players by nationality, larp experience, age, gender, and sexual orientation. Due to the themes and content, the game is only for players over 18 years old.

Player selection will be done by November 15th, 2017. We offer a possibility for co-player opt-out: we send a list of all players selected to the game to all those who are in the list. We give you one week to confirm that you have received the message and tell us if there are players you don’t want to play a close contact with or play with them at all. We will sort out the issue. After this we will move on to the casting which will be done by December 15th at the latest.

We will handle all signup information confidentially and will delete the information afterwards. Information may be partly handled on services outside of the EU.

Price categories

Normal priced ticket is 275 euros and subsidized ticket is 175 euros. Tickets can be paid at once or in 2 or 3 instalments. For normal priced tickets the instalments are 75/100/100 euros (275 e total) and for subsidized ones 75/50/50 euros (175 e total).

Ticket includes the game, accommodation (a bed in a two person room), and food. Read more from Practical. We offer a bus (round-trip leaving from Helsinki) and the ticket can be bought separately for 25 euros.

Applying for a subsidized ticket

We prioritize players who represent at least one of these categories:

  • LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, intersex, asexual and/or -romantic)
  • directly affected by the HIV epidemic
  • persons of colour
  • has a low income

To apply for subsidized tickets you fill out 2 questions in our signup form: express your interest applying for a subsidized ticket and tell what are your reasons for this. We do the selection by us during the player selection. Timing doesn’t matter, everyone who has submitted the signup form before it closes and has applied for a subsidized ticket has an equal chance to get one.

At the moment, we have have 10 tickets to offer. (Updated 27.9.)

We fund our subsidized tickets by crowdfunding and we also have applied for extra funding on top of that including LarpFund. Therefore the amount of subsidized tickets will hopefully increase during the signup period and we will announce when we get more. Subsidized tickets are intended for people who need them. If you can afford to pay the normal ticket price or more, please, go for those. And for those who are able to offer more subsidized tickets, you can take part in our crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo here.

Applying as a newcomer

We want to welcome persons new to the larp scene to this event and we want to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask for our guidance – message us via our FB page or send an email to

We offer help with signup and offer also mentoring before, during and after the larp. That means answering questions from “What I need to do when I get to the site?” to “Am I playing my character right?” and everywhere in between.

How to pay and due dates

Tickets are paid via bank transfer. We produce this game with Nordic Roleplaying Society/Pohjoismaisen Roolipelaamisen Seura ry and money is handled by them. If sending money to a Finnish bank account via bank transfer will be a problem for you please contact us via to sort out other options.

Tickets can be paid at once or in 2 or 3 instalments. Due date for the full ticket price or the first instalment is January 15th This secures the player spot. Second instalment is due February 28th and third April 31st. If total is not in our account by April 31st your character will be handed to a person on the waiting list.

Cancellation and refund policy

Tickets are personal and character assigned to you cannot be sold or given away. If you cancel your attending, we will check out our waiting list first. If we cannot get a player from there you can help us to find a player and then you have a possibility to sell the ticket.

We refund the amount of the ticket price according to the instalment deadlines. For cancellations before January 15th we refund the whole ticket price, for cancellations before February 28th 200 e (100 e for subsidized) and for cancellations before April 31th 100 euros (50 e for subsidized). After May 1st we don’t refund anything. We cannot make full refunds after these certain dates because we will have considerable expenses such as venue that need to be covered at certain dates.

For example: Player Sandra has been granted a subsidized ticket. She pays the total of a subsidized ticket (175 euros) on the very day she reads which character she has been cast as in late December. But then, during spring, stuff happens, she has to cancel attending the game. She sends the organizers an email telling that she cannot come on March 4th. Sandra will be refunded 50 euros, because she cancelled before April 31th.