Organizers for JaLL Finland 2018

Organisers are volunteers who run this larp as a non-profit event.

The game was designed by Tor Kjetil Edland and Hanne Grasmo. We organise this Finnish re-run with the help of them.

We collaborate with Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura ry – The Society for Nordic Roleplaying.

The team behind this in alphabetical order

Tonja Goldblatt

Tonja organized her first larp in 1997 and has been playing and organizing larps since. She is a visual artist and printmaker and is doing sets and props for the Finnish run of JaLL. She’s played JaLL in Sweden in 2012.

Joonas Iivonen

Joonas is a roleplayer, burner, gaming convention organizer and software engineer. JaLL 2018 is his second larp production, the earlier was at 1998. Joonas likes blackbox, freeform and colorful lights.

Suvi Korhonen

Suvi hasn’t had the chance to play JaLL herself, but wants to make it possible for others. She’s organized kinky parties and larps and hybrids of those two. As day job, she writes technology news. Suvi likes glitter, tentacles and purple.

Essi Kuukka

Essi is the main producer of 2018 run. Essi has wanted to play Just a Little Lovin’ for a long time – so she decided to at least give others a chance to experience it in Finland. She is a vintage and costume hoarder, fern enthusiastic and polyglot of dance styles.

Jamie MacDonald

Jamie played in the first run of Just a Little Lovin’, as his second larp ever, and to say it changed his life is pretty much an understatement. Jamie is a stand-up comedian and transgender activist who actually remembers 1982, 83, and 84.

Pauliina Männistö

Pauliina fell in love with Just a Little Lovin’ after learning about it at Knudepunkt, but hasn’t (yet) been able to play it. Pauliina does communications by day, drag by night, and is never not reading.

Essi Santala

In real life Essi works/studies theatre lighting design. She took part in the 2015 Denmark run of JaLL and was so excited by the game that she wanted to be part of making it happen for others as well. For Jall 2018 she has been taking care of set, props and lighting/sound. Essi likes manatees, science fiction and folk music.


Petter Karlsson is a designer with a deep interest in play and participatory culture. He co-founded the company LajvVerkstaden which uses roleplaying pedagogic to teach at schools and organizations. He has produced the biggest Swedish live-roleplaying conference Prolog for 9 years and produced the the Swedish run of the larp Just a Little Lovin’. He has worked with launching a live streaming service at the video plattform company TwentyThree and before that worked at the Emmy Award winning company transmedia studio The Company P.  Petter is currently working as a Play Designer at the awarded app studio Toca Boca.

Anna Groth was one of the main organizers of JaLL 2015 in Denmark, and will join JaLL 2018 as an on location organizer. She’s been larping for more than 10 years, and are organizing both Blackbox CPH and Knutpunkt 2018 in Sweden. When Anna is not larping, she works as a dramaturg. With a great interest in both Nordic Larp, player safety, workshops and queer issues JaLL is one of her favorite larps, because it is both well designed and covers an important subject.

Helene Willer Piironen Helene has been role-playing since 2003 and larping since 2007. Playing more larps abroad than in Denmark, she considers herself an international larper and her angle on producing JaLL is very much from a player’s perspective. In 2011 she had her debut as a producer, being part of the core organisation group of Knudepunkt in Denmark. Currently she is working as a teacher in Copenhagen. Knowing that you, as a player, always choose a game over three other great games, she says: “If you already missed JaLL 6(!) times, now is the time to prioritize it!”


Original Designers/Writers

Tor Kjetil Edland has been part of the organizing committee of three Knutepunkts, the annual Nordic larp conference. In 2010, he was one of the creators of Mad about the Boy, a larp about a world whereall men but one have died. He also helped organize the US run of that larp in 2012 and the US run of Just a Little Lovin’ in 2017. Other larps on his resume include 1942, New Voices in Art, Limbo, Kristianiabohemen and KoiKoi. He has worked on several campaigns and projects on HIV-prevention and on HIV/AIDS and human rights, both in Norway and abroad. His current job is as an international advisor in FRI, the Norwegian organisation for sexual and gender diversity.

Hanne Grasmo wrote the first book in Norwegian about larp and is one of the founders of the annual Nordic Knutepunkt conference. She took the initiative to the Weltsmertz network which resulted in the first pervasive larp in Norway when the central plaza Youngstorget were filled with several tons of garbage and art for the larp AmericA. Together with her son she made the youth larp Nådestøt. Other larps on her resume include Sosialfemokratiet, Black Box, Wa and Kink & Kaffe. She has brought interactive theatre to the petrolium sector in Norway and currently earns her living as director of the Norwegian LGBT Centre.

Read about the production teams of previous runs of Just a Little Lovin in the Nordic Larp Wiki.

Who do I talk to if I have questions or concerns?

We will have a player support person from outside the team to contact if you have any concerns. If you want to contact the team you can send mail to or send a message in Facebook


We fund part of our subsidized tickets with Indiegogo campaign and we credit our donors in our website for their important help.

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